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Called To Live The Image of Christ...

Pray for each of us as we walk the days and times ahead of us.


Welcome to "The Chapel" web site.

Ron Collette, pastor



Remebering Regina Willoughby

Easter is April 21, 2019

Palm Sunday is April 14, 2019

Shop for an Easter Bonnet soon!!!


A Honey Bunny

More than just chocolate bunnies...
A celebration of God's gift to each of us:
Unlimited Grace


Blue butterfly of Easter

January 2019

Chapel Hands Food Ministry

Chapel Hands Food Mission


Chapel Hands begins a new year in service to those who are in need of a temporary
helping hand to put food on the table.

Chapel Hands is open the third Saturday of each month.
Hours: 9:30-11:30 only

Persons in sincere need of food are invited to come by the Chapel Hands house,
located directly across the street from
Livingston Chapel Church,
Highway 222
Crane Hill, AL

If using navigation devises, the address is:
11 County Road 359
Crane Hill, AL 35053

Rules for Application:

1. Bring proof of address: Current power/utility bill,
2. Social Security benefits letter and SS card,
3. SSI benefits statement,
4. Food Stamps benefit letter,
5. Proof of all income,
6. Drivers License or identity card.
7. Personal identification such as drivers license, etc.
8. Must live within service area defined by Chapel Hands Ministry.


Due to the growing needs of our community,
we must follow these rules in order to serve others.



We need the help of our Crane Hill neighbors!!
If you can help supply a few food items each month,
your help will be greatly appreciated. Monetary donations are very welsome too!!

We are very grateful to special people for supplying Chapel Hands
with the same items each month. This way we can plan ahead to fill in other needed items.

If you would like to supply Chapel Hands with certain items, here is a list:

cake mixes
Pop Tarts
Vienna Sausages
cornmeal (white)
cooking oil
dish washing soap
paper products

Bring food donations by Livingston Chapel during
our Sunday morning services and Wednesday night prayer meetings.
Call us to arrange a pick up of donations to Chapel Hands
or meet you at the church to receive your gifts of help, please call:

PLEASE NOTE: no food assistance available without application on 3rd Saturday
visit at Chapel Hands Ministry.

Giving is the fastest route to true wealth.
We thank you for helping us to help others in need.



angel of Crane Hill, AL

Teach your child in the way he should go and when he is old...

A Chapel angel


You will not have to worry.


Pretty Musicians

Come enjoy our Church Music!


Welcome Spring!!

Vacation Bible School 2018



I Did It!!!

Snack Time at The Chapel

Male Quartet

Just you wait America!!

Crazy, Just Crazy

Local Humor....

Peter, John with Jesus at Sea

Stories of Jesus, Tell Them To Me!



Crafts with Ms April were wonderful!!

Fish Faces

What does a Fish look like????


Everything it takes to build
children of character and faith.

Many THANKS to EVERYONE who did their part
to make VBS 2018 a


Welcome Spring!!


Christmas Eve Service










Bless Be The Tie That Binds Project


Must be! Somebody made each youth a very special treat!!


Small moments of sharing between Sunday School and our worship service...

Coffe time at the Chapel....

These are small moments in a good life.



Tell Me The Stories of Jesus by Donna Peters

Tell Me The Stories of Jesus

Jesus arrives in Jerusalem at the age of twelve.
His mission on earth is about to begin.

Join us to hear
the rest of the story....







A better world begins in Crane Hill, AL

Pray for America,
pray for Crane Hill


It is not political... It's Biblical!!!






Ray Calvert

Youth Share is always a treat for everyone.
Ray Calvert shows how to wear the armor of God....

Precious children learn from the elders.

Be bold.
Prepare the children for a life they will live long after we are gone.




Chapel Hands Mission...

If your needs become desperate, please call or e-mail Brother Ron. We want to be there for you.

As you shop for your own needs, please add foods and toiletries to help others.
Your gifts can be left in the fellowship hall at The Chapel or given to any member for proper delivery.

Thank you Crane Hill!
Sharing with others the blessings given us is wonderful!







Come by and get a hug with a smile !

Celebrate life by continuing the work others began in their time.


Oh How You Loved Jesus!!


Join us and learn from the best about living a life of joy, giving and compassion.

Young and not so young, we are all children of God with lives of value and purpose.

Time with Ms Vessie

Our blessings are delivered through other people....

Jan Graham

Their prayers for us were silent to our ears but
abundant to God.

Regina, We miss you!!

Their courage inspires us to face tomorrow.

Bread of Life

Our children are taught to fear older people.
Evil's way to remove us from our blessings.

What have you been robbed of this week?

the church mouse



Join us for church the next Sunday:

Sunday School: 9:45

The "old people" meet in the Fellowship hall.
They are alive with wisdom and filled with love!
Join us and I promise we will fill you with life, joy and things
you are missing in your life!

ps: We always have the coffee pot on in the fellowship hall!



Junior High Class
MYF class

Young Adult Class
Younger Married Class

and 2 adult classes

"Young At Heart"
class meets in the main sanctuary.

They are a very active group of serious seniors who sponsor many special church projects.
The Sunday School teacher is Bucket Guthrie

Angels At Works

Morning Worship: 11:00 am


Our sanctuary is being remodeled and while it is being completed, we are holding our services in the
FELLOWSHIP HALL on the left (South) end of the church.

Thank you for your patience!!

Please join us as we worship each Sunday morning.


To find the best Sunday School Class for your age or family,
anyone you meet will be happy to help or you can e-mail us now to ask where
your class meets and how to find the room.





"The Chapel" enjoys a wide variety of music. Traditional hymns are always a delight.
The Chapel is home to many very talented musicians who share their talent.

Most every Sunday, the congregation is led in Praise Music by
members of the young adult class.

Our offertory music is always a delight as we enjoy classical sounds
of traditional piano and organ music.

Hope you did not miss the annual

Bama BluGrace

performance at The Chapel:

Bama BluGrace

The Chapel is loaded with talent! So proud of each one!

Our Sunday night worship programs change as we worship in a variety of ways.
The Chapel has a very active youth and young adult program who creatively work to
bring a wide variety of meaningful programs. If you get to visit on Sunday morning,
look for a printed calendar on the table in the foyer.

For more information about our wonderful Youth Programs drop us an e-mail:

Youth Programs

Sunshine Youth

Youth II Programs

Where's The Preacher

Older Youth Programs

Our Youth

Sunshine & Smiles...
Growing up according to the teachings of Jesus to build a better future for everyone.


Anyone wishing to share new photos with others on our church web site would be
greatly appreciated!!

Please text or e-mail them to the web person at:


Chapel Web Designer






Be sure to visit all of our web pages!
New things are added each week... and other items removed.
Don't miss the news!


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