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Keep us in mind when making your plans for Valentines Day!!

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Valentines Apple Information



Our Missions

Livingston Chapel continues to play a very instrumental role in the needs of their family in Christ.
Through the generosity of individual members working with others,
Livingston Chapel serves the family of God.










Chapel Hands Mission

Chapel Hands Mission
Crane Hill

In 2011 under the leadership of Bro. Ken Graham, inspired members of "The Chapel"
created a facility from which they could minister the their own neighbors in need.

Chapel Hands has accomplished a tremendous success blessing the members of
Livingston Chapel and so many others.

Chapel Hands Mission

"Others, Lord Yes Others, Let this my motto be...."


Our Honduras Missions



The Honduras Missions began in 2004.

The team name and motto is
"It's A God Thing"



Working with a variety of friends and other churches, the team's first mission is

To deliver the love and word of Jesus, the team offers the people of Honduras help in the forms of:

•Medical Care
• Eye Exams and Glasses
• Dental Care
• Veterinary Assistance
• Construction Projects


3 of us


If you would like to join "It's A God Thing" Ministry, please contact

Larry (Bucket) Guthrie
Our Mission Projects


Anyone wishing to be a part of our missions to Honduras, please let us know!
We need your help and we would love sharing the blessing of this opportunity with you.




The Livingston Chapel
Mission Program sponsored by our monthly pledges (in addition to our regular church tithes)
and supports the following:


Committee of Church Cooperation:
Called the "CCC" this organization serves the area by coordinating services
among applicants to make the best use of help/assistance for persons in Cullman County.


Service In Faith & Technology
Called the "SIFAT" this organization serves foreign services. More information may be found at:


Cullman County Center For The Developmentally Disabled Inc in Cullman, AL is a private company categorized under Homes for the Handicapped. It was established in 1990 and incorporated in Alabama. For more information call their office: 256-734-3253


Wade Franks Missions
Wade Franks is Viet Nam Vet who leads mission groups of other Viet Vets to Viet Nam.
Their purpose is to deliver the word of God to the people of Viet Nam and at the same
assist American Vets heal from their war experience.

To read more about Mr. Franks and his missions : Wade Franks Ministries



Camp Mit Nick
A special camp located near Jasper, this special camp is for young boys who need
guidance and mentoring in order to productive and quality lives.


Shepherds Fold
A special program for people who have served time for crime, but are seeking a better life.
This program assists them in finding work and gaining essential social skills.


We would love to have your support in these projects.
Working with and for others is the biggest blessing one can add to a life of quality.
If you would like to work with us, please contact us!

Thank you!!

Giving To Others

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