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Special Events
Livingston Chapel Church
Crane Hill, Alabama


Grandparent's Day

Chapel families celebrated "Grandparent's Day" with the sharing of very sincere love and appreciation from our beautiful young people
to their very blessed Grandparents. A special thanks to Mrs. Angela Calvert who encourages our youth to grow in grace.

Our Grands!


Congratulations to
those who have been published as
Chapel Artists !!

Palm Sunday By Barbara Calvert

Palm Sunday 2014 by Barbara Calvert

Easter Art

Easter Sunday 2014 by Kathie Lee Hauser


Mother's Day

Mother's Day 2014 by Mary Boland


Father's Day art

Miss Rachelle St.Aubin, Father's Day






Easter is a very big event for everyone at Livingston Chapel.
The children always delight us with their Easter programs and activities.



Valentines Day



Mother's Day

mother's day

Bible School


Father's Day


Fourth of July


Fall Festival

Crane Hill






When you are a child, we are here to teach you what our parents taught us.
We love you that much!!

Having good fun together.

Laughter makes for a healthy heart.

Pie Face!

Laughing at ourselves is the best laughter!

Sweetie Pies!

We invite you to laugh with us.

We grow if we share and help you grow as well.

One Nation Under God... for all.



A special thanks to everyone who shares their photos with the web site!

Please send your digital images to: Webmaster For Chapel


These are the days of our lives.
Living as we were taught and teaching those in our care brings blessings
we never imagined.


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